The Pupil Premium is additional funding which is allocated to schools on the basis of the number of students who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point over the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’). The Pupil Premium also provides funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months and the children of service personnel. The Pupil Premium is aimed at addressing the current underlying inequalities which exist between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more affluent peers. Secondary schools also receive an additional funding for Year 7 students who have not achieved at least level 4 (the expected level at Key Stage 2), in reading and/or Mathematics. This funding is called Catch-Up Premium (CUP) and is intended to help these students ‘catch up’ in literacy and numeracy as early as possible in their secondary education and therefore enable them to access the secondary curriculum more fully.


The purpose of this policy is to outline how we will ensure that the Pupil Premium allocated to us has an impact on narrowing the attainment gaps which currently exist between our disadvantaged students and their peers. As a school in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, we are accountable to our parents and school community for how we are using this additional resource to narrow the achievement gaps of our pupils.  New measures have been included in the performance tables published annually on a national level. They capture the achievement of disadvantaged students covered by the Pupil Premium.


Pupil Premium Amount
2012/13 £256,885.00
2013/14 £ 373,500.00
2014/15 £ 402,050.00
2015/16 £ 393,621.65
2016/17 £ 339,765.00
2017/18 £ 345,579.00


pp non pp
Year 7 179 89 90
Year 8 170 98 72
Year 9 172 77 95
Year 10 145 79 66
Year 11 130 59 71
Total 796 402 394
% of students in School 50.5% 49.5%


Projected Spending for PP and Catch up 2017-18
Strategies focussing on: Outcomes in Attainment and Progress Cost (£) EEF focus
Numeracy and Literacy intervention according to need and diagnostic assessment.

Students entering Year 7 and identified as not being ‘secondary ready’ for literacy are placed on a programme of intervention that included: Read Write Inc. by Ruth Miskin and the Fresh Start programme.

£18, 500 Small group tuition
Targeted students at KS3 for literacy and numeracy groups £32,000 Small group tuition
HLTA delivering small group and 1:1 intervention (Maths) £17,000 Small group tuition and One to one tuition
Literacy leader coordinates “Accelerated Reader” programme £23,000 Reading comprehension strategies
Accelerated Reader (subscription) at KS3 – To improve reading and comprehension £5,690 Reading comprehension strategies
HLTAs (English) deliver small group intervention working with identified students £17,000 Small group tuition
Volunteer reader programme at KS3 (books and staff oversight) £600 Reading comprehension strategies; Individualised instruction
Purchase of aspirational programmes linked to core subjects £5,000 Aspiration interventions
Purchase of revision materials £22,000 Homework; Extending school time
Strategies focussing on: Physical, emotional and material well-being
Clicker Software CLD £2,500 Digital technology
Chartwells – Breakfast Club £8,500 Behaviour interventions;  Parental involvement; Extending school time
Dedicated Attendance Improvement Officer and Attendance Manager £24,000 Behaviour interventions; Parental involvement
East AIP £4,670 Behaviour interventions
Beck Support Student Counselling £20,000 Social and emotional learning; Behaviour interventions; Mentoring
Safer Schools Officer £8,500 Behaviour interventions
Rewards activities – support the Progress Pyramid for those pupils who are consistently making progress and attendance: Attendance Rewards programme to compliment punitive strategies for non-attendees. £5,000 Meta-cognition and self-regulation; Feedback; Behaviour interventions
Summer School – resources and staffing £5,000 Summer schools
Strategies focussing on: Aspiration and expectation
Leeds Ahead Partnership – Business & Careers engagement programme £7,000 Aspiration interventions
Holiday Revision Programmes to support pupils preparing for examination classes £5,000 Small group tuition; Summer schools
Resilience Camp (began at John Smeaton Academy in September 2016) £15,000 Meta-cognition and self-regulation; Collaborative learning; Outdoor adventure learning
Assertive mentor programme and SLT Assertive mentor programme for high achieving students – provide support, guidance, academic and pastoral care £30,000 Meta-cognition and self-regulation; One to one tuition; Individualised instruction; Mentoring
Wex- Work Experience   Aspiration interventions
Strategies focussing on: Social and cultural capital
Wex- Work Experience £3,500 Aspiration interventions, social aspects
Targeted independent careers advice: A comprehensive programme of activities through years 7-10, culminates in focussed CEIAG in Year 11. £16,500 Aspiration interventions, social aspects
Beck Support Student Counselling Social and emotional learning; Behaviour interventions; Mentoring

The Pupil Premium and Catch Up 7 is spent in an integrated and targeted way, to ensure that pupils receive the opportunity for additional support and access to learning opportunities. We chose the classroom approaches and intervention strategies which research has shown works. The progress of these pupils is monitored throughout the year at each assessment point and the strategies are monitored for their effectiveness.

Sutton trust research indicates that effective support comes from improving feedback (a whole school focus), reduced class size, early intervention and extending the breadth of the curriculum.

Please follow the link below for greater detail regarding the Academies Pupil Premium strategy.

PP & Y7 Catch-up Development Plan 2017-18

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