The teaching of Mandarin was introduced within The GORSE Academies Trust in the academic year 2018-19, for all Year 1 pupils in the trusts’ primary schools. Since then, the programme has gone from strength to strength with Mandarin currently being studied by all Year 1, 2 and 3 pupils.

In September 2020 The GORSE Academies Trust extended the teaching of Mandarin to all 11-16 academies. Pupils have the opportunity to choose to study Mandarin in Year 8 with a view to continuing that study through to GCSE. This is a fantastic opportunity which opens up a whole new aspect to language learning and will provide any child with exciting opportunities in the future.

Pupils who choose to study Mandarin are given an opportunity to visit China during their secondary school experience. The visit is heavily subsidised and provides a once in a life time opportunity to visit China and begin to understand from an informed perspective the culture, politics, history and language of this complex nation.

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