Core Values

Core Values:

Our core values underpin the rationale behind everything that we do at John Smeaton Academy; they help to create a culture where students and staff know exactly what is expected of them so they can truly thrive and can contribute to academy life in a positive and meaningful way. We want every student to embody and demonstrate the below four core values so they can be on a positive trajectory to secure the Gift of Choice. Securing the Gift of Choice means that every student can actively choose their next steps, at any point in their future, rather than having avenues closed off to them as a result of a poor skillset or qualification suite.


Everyone within our academy has high expectations of themselves and shows an openness to feedback as we continually look to improve. We set ourselves aspirational targets and have the confidence and self-belief to strive to achieve them.


We work hard every day. We are curious about our learning, actively participate in lessons and are self-motivated to achieve our goals. We use our initiative when faced with a challenge and approach all that we do with a high level of effort.


We are considerate of one another which allows us to develop and sustain positive relationships. We show sensitivity to people in different circumstances to our own and interact with each other positively which creates a culture of inclusivity. Our school is a beacon of excellence within the community and students feel proud.


We treat others within our academy in a polite, tolerant and compassionate manner. We are all members of one body and value the significant role that each person has to play in cultivating a respectful culture. We use our manners as a mark of respect to all within the academy as this is fundamental to being a good human.