Good News Story: Rowing

This week JSA students have taken part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships and have demonstrated excellent resilience and determination all week. NJIRC was started to help develop the sport of Rowing among boys and girls from ‘grass root levels’. The championships allow for students to compete virtually against their peers nationally during their CORE PE lessons and enrichment, the students take part in a timed piece and at the end will have achieved an overall distance. Results are submitted online and a live leader board is on the NJIRC website for students to see the results.

At John Smeaton Academy we have had 362 students compete in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championship. Three students in years 7-9 place have achieved the top ten within the whole trust! The atmosphere in the rowing room was immense with students encouraging one another and students striving to push themselves beyond their limitations. To say our students only began our rowing programme in September 2021, during this short amount of time the progress made is incredible. We’re looking forward to receiving the final results of the championship and many other rowing competitions to come!


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