The Student Planner is used as the main method of communication between school and home. Teachers will make note of rewards and sanctions and your child will also use this to record any homework issued. In addition to this, the planner will be used to report on your child’s progress at key points throughout the year. The planner contains a wealth of information including school policies and contacts. As a parent you must check your child’s planner and sign it each week.


You can use the website to find:

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You can use the app which replicates much of the information found on the website.
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School Contacting Individual Parents

The school will contact parents individually for the reasons listed below:

  • As part of the rewards system, we will contact home if your child has shown outstanding levels of effort over a period of time.
  • You will receive a letter or phone call if your child has displayed an exceptional attitude and has represented the school in the community.
  • As part of our Assessment and Reporting system you will receive regular reports home as to how well our child is performing both academically and behaviourally.

In addition to this you will also be contacted if:

  • Your child is absent and the school has not been notified;
  • Your child has received a detention or isolation (this will be communicated through the student planner);
  • Your child has been issued with a fixed term exclusion;
  • We have any specific concerns about your child.

Parents Contacting School

Our preferred method of communication is via email ([email protected]) as this provides a written record of communication between home and school. It also provides members of staff with greater flexibility in responding to communications during and outside of the normal school day if they wish, although they are not obligated to do so.

  • For an every day issue please contact your child’s Form Tutor using the school planner.
  • For a persistent / serious issue (including medical issues) please contact your child’s Pastoral Support Officer or Key Stage Behaviour Leader.
  • For an issue regarding the safety or safeguarding of a child please contact one of our designated Child Protection Officers.
  • If you have a serious concern about your child please contact the relevant Assistant Principal responsible for your child’s year group.
  • If you would like to make a complaint this must be done so using the Complaints Policy.

If you email or leave a message for a member of staff, we will seek to acknowledge this within 1 school day. All communication with the academy will be acknowledged within 2 school days. A full response will be given within 4 school days.