Uniform and equipment

We strongly recommend that uniform is purchased from our uniform suppliers, Whittakers School Wear (Farsley). The link to their website is below and within this pack there is also a money off voucher.


It is essential that every item of clothing worn in the academy is named. This can be done via pens designed for this purpose, washable stick-on labels, iron-on labels or sew-on labels.  Please note that the academy is not responsible for any loss of clothing items.

It is important that students wear their uniform with pride and in accordance with the academy’s uniform policy.

Academy Uniform Expectations

All students must abide by the academy’s uniform policy, students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal appearance. The following is academy dress:

  • Black blazer with Academy logo and name embroidered onto breast pocket.
  • Plain black full length tailored trousers or knee-length black skirt. Trousers must not be tight fitting to the leg. Jeans or leggings are not permitted.
  • White shirt with standard collar to be worn tucked into trousers or skirt, with top button fastened
  • Academy black V-Neck jumper with striped collar and embroidered Academy logo and name (optional)
  • Academy tie to be worn with Academy logo clearly visible underneath the knot
  • Plain black ankle length socks (trainer, fluffy & knee length socks are not permitted)

NB knee length socks/stockings are not permitted. Shorts are also not permitted.

Trousers they must be plain black tailored trousers with black socks. Tailored means not tight fitting/skinny fitting or figure hugging and not made from stretchy fabrics. Any other style of trouser is not permitted. They must also not have excessive buttons or zips on the pockets.

If a student chooses to wear a belt, it must be black with a non-branded, plain buckle.

All students must wear plain black leather or ‘leather-look’ school shoes.  Students should not wear: shoes that are decorative (e.g. diamantes); shoes that have coloured/reflective strips or logos; backless sandals; boots (above the ankle); trainers or ‘leisure’ shoes including trainers which are leather or leather look. All shoes must have a flat sole and sit below the ankle (not ankle boots).

Student lanyards: Student lanyards must be worn in line with the academy’s policy and are part of the academy’s required equipment.

Jewellery: students are allowed to wear a watch, one discreet ring per hand and one earring per earlobe – small stud only. Students are not permitted to wear necklaces and bracelets/bands (other than for faith reasons), however, students are allowed to wear one charity band.

It has been a long established rule within The GORSE Academies Trust that all items of jewellery are removed before taking part in any PE lessons/activities. Failing to remove items of jewellery could result in students sustaining an injury which could be avoided. To this end, students need to be able to remove items of jewellery, such as earrings, before taking part in PE lessons/activities. As a consequence, this does mean that if students are wanting to have their ears pierced, this must be carried out during the summer holiday to allow for the healing process to take place. If students have their ears pierced at any other time of the year, they will still need to remove the items of jewellery as directed by the teacher.

Make-up Excessive make-up is unnecessary and should not be worn. Appropriate make-up is allowed and is defined as:  foundation (appropriate to the student’s skin tone), black or brown mascara which should be worn discretely, a small amount of neutral eye shadow if required. No eyeliner, blusher or bronzer is to be worn. Fake eyelashes are also not to be worn and nails must be of an appropriate length.

Nails should be natural in colour; false nails are not permitted.

Hairstyles Hairstyles should not reflect the extremes of ‘youth culture’, for example shaved lines and patterns on the side of the head; patterns must not be cut into the hair. Hair colouring must be subtle and in natural colours – no pinks, reds, blues, two tone colour patterns or dip dye.

Bags must be a suitable size to carry exercise books/A4 folders and appropriate for use in the academy.

Hair accessories must be appropriate in size and colour for sensible and safe working.  Hair scrunchies/bobbles must not be worn on a student’s wrist.

Tattoos Tattoos facial and/or body piercings must not be visible.

All students are expected to take a full and active part in all PE lessons and therefore must have their PE uniform with them for their lessons.

PE Uniform for students in Years 7-11 (2021/2022)

Academy Compulsory PE Kit:

  • John Smeaton white sports shirt
  • John Smeaton navy blue reversible rugby shirt or hooded jumper
  • Plain navy-blue shorts
  • Plain navy-blue socks
  • Football boots
  • Trainers
  • Shin pads

Optional PE Kit

  • Plain navy-blue Tracksuit bottoms

The above items of optional PE kit are advised as students will be participating in PE lessons outside in all weather.

  • Trainers must be non-marking soles. Canvas style/fashion pumps are not allowed e.g. Converse/Vans.
  • All students should bring their PE kits to all their PE lessons. If for any reason a student is ill or injured and cannot take a fully active part in the lesson, they are still required to bring their PE kit and change into it. The student would be expected to take some part in the lesson to a degree that their illness or injury permits. In most cases, this would be in the role of an official, or coach and would be involved in organising and running small games and skill drills or referring matches. In these cases, a note from a parent/carer is required to inform the PE teacher of the illness/injury and the student cannot take part in the lesson. If the illness/injury continues for longer than a two-week period a doctor’s or hospital note will need to be provided.
  • If the injury or illness is severe enough to warrant the student taking no part in the lesson whatsoever, or if the student is physically unable to get changed into their PE kit, a note from the doctor or hospital is required and should be shown to the student’s PE teacher before the start of the lesson.
  • All jewellery, including earrings and faith bands, must be removed before the PE lesson.

All students who suffer with Asthma, must bring their inhaler to every lesson.


Required Equipment

All students must come to school with the following equipment so they are ready to learn.

Students must hold their equipment in a sturdy school bag which is of a suitable size to hold their planner, equipment and A4 books.

  • Planner – provided by the academy;
  • Pencil case
  • black pen;
  • pencil;
  • purple pen;
  • green pen;
  • Dry wipe board pen;
  • rubber;
  • ruler;
  • 1 x scientific calculator (Recommended: CASIO FX-83GTX & FX-85GTX);
  • 1 x glue stick.
  • Spanish Dictionary (for Spanish lessons)