Reading The Riot Act

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On Monday morning, the whole of the Year 7 and Year 8 cohort watched a performance that was a brilliant blend of ‘shock treatment’ and emotive drama with an important message on road safety. The Riot Act delivered a show with key road safety messages around distractions around the road such as phones and music as well as identifying and coping with peer pressure. The characters were Jo, Fran and Tom and we were offered an insight into their daily lives and struggles as they walked to and from school. Jo cared about her brother, cared about their future but struggled to stand up to Fran. Tom was funny but not very responsible and a bit thoughtless. Fran was thoughtless and uncaring towards Jo and Tom – the audience identified her as a bully and negative influence. The students were captivated by the cast in relatable roles and really engaged with the concept of taking risk taking, personal responsibility, and being a positive peer influence. This was part of the PSHCEE curriculum as it looked to development young people as confident, responsibility and caring people in the local community and society.